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Autumn/Winter Collection



London, UK (January 1) - Mummy Vita is the name of an exciting new fashion brand, that soon everyone will be talking about.
Mamma VitaThe chief designer of is an amazing 78-year old grandmother, Vita Salamone, who lives in Florence, Italy. She has created very colorful innovative designs to put on t-shirts, sweatshirts and handbags.
Vita was always dedicated to the home and the family and always had a single hobby...Doodling! One day her children gave her a box of coloured felt tip pens, pushing her to let out all her fantasies.
The trickle of designs became a river in full flood! Suddenly she found she was gifted as an artist and in return for this gift she coloured a world, until then hidden and in black and white, made of simple irony, to which she often added comments or ungrammatical names that, at first glance, may seem absurd, but when looked at with the eyes of our inner child, appear exactly what they are: VITA=LIFE!
Innovative Designer Pizza-box Packaging
Innovative Packaging

The brand new Mummy Vita collection for Autumn/Winter will be launched at the Pure London exhibition at Olympia between 12th-14th February. Vita will be showcasing her latest designs in the prestigious Spirit section on the Ground Floor, Stand F3.
Don't forget to check out Vita's website here.


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About VITA
Vita Pippinella Hop! S.r.l. is an Italian casualwear designer and manufacturer based in Florence, Italy. The company manufactures a complete range of leisurewear with strong, eye-catching designs in vivid colours. The range includes T-shirts, sweat-shirts, sweat-pants and handbags.

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